If All Rejections Were Like Journal Rejections

1. Applicant:   Thank you for your resume and interview but you do not meet our needs. We do not want candidates who have brown hair or talk about Game of Thrones. You should buy our journal of applicant standards to see if you fit the standards.   The Corporation   2. Dear Celia,   … More If All Rejections Were Like Journal Rejections



Three of my poems have been selected to run in the Literary Underground’s project “This is Poetry.” “Cicadas,” “He said something about Hemingway,” and “Scared of the Dark.” They can be found at: http://thisispoetry.tumblr.com/tagged/heather-dorn The first two have only been published in print until now. I’m very happy to have these out on the web now. … More Poems

The Legal Limit

The legal limit usually goes by the minute. And the limbic system by the hour. Paul Revere rode through my 5th grade brain and keeps riding still and again.  I remember the ride of Paul Revere. And now the bar blurs in bright greens like an Irish pub in March. The legal limit usually goes … More The Legal Limit