Author Presentations

Assignment Overview:

If you are working toward the A contract, you will create a 10-15 minute presentation about one author presented in class. Your presentation should include a biography, a discussion of other works, and a class discussion, activity, or game. If you are working toward the B contract, you will create a 5 minute presentation about one author presented in class. Your presentation should include a biography and a discussion of the author’s other works. Some presentations will occur after we have read the author and some will take place before. Each presenter should be aware of this as they present. Presentations may include handouts, videos, and other media. You will sign up for your author/ date at the start of the semester and present throughout. If you are working toward the C contract, you will actively participate in activities and discussions as part of your class participation, but you are not required to present on an author.

Authors/ Dates:

Author Presentation Sign-Ups: Sign-ups August 30th.

Sept. 1/ Connie Sun:

Sept. 1/ Dinty Moore:

Sept. 6/ Mary Karr:

Sept. 13/ Claudia Rankine: Maria Colangelo

Sept. 15/ Mary Karr: Matthew Miller

Sept. 22/ Aimee Bender: Erin McLaughlin

Sept. 22/ Kurt Vonnegut Jr.: Thomas Bruce

Sept. 27/ Jhumpa Lahiri: Vitalis Kanyuru

Sept. 29/ Sandra Cisneros: Sarah Grosso

Oct. 13/ Etgar Keret: Lauren Poretsky

Oct. 13/ John Edgar Wideman: Selena Brown

Oct. 13/ Katharine Weber: Lexie Tillman

Oct. 25/ Billy Collins: Ben Turner

Oct. 27/ Nick Flynn: Siera Schroeder

Oct. 27/ Maria Mazziotti Gillan: Noor Nazar

Oct. 27/ Yusef Komunyakaa: Leora Steinhart

Nov. 1/ Naomi Shihab Nye: Palmer Perkins

Nov. 1/ Pat Mora: Chennelle Channer

Nov. 1/ Sharon Olds: Lianna Thomas

Nov. 3/ Nikki Giovanni: Jonathan Rodriguez

Nov. 3/ Charles Bukowski: Brooke Wilson

Nov. 10/ Taylor Mali: Rob Mariottini

Nov. 10/ Sarah Kay: Teresa Kan

Nov. 17/ Gertrude Stein: Nicole Paquette

Tips for Presentations:

Biographies – Biographies can be found online, in journals, in books, and in library databases. You get to decide how you present the author’s biography. You may choose to create a handout or give the information orally. You might use a power point or run a video. You should cite all sources, whether you quote them or summarize. This means that all biographies will have a bibliography that is presented orally or in print, given the media utilized.

Other works – You should give the class an idea of other works the author has published. This list does not have to be exhaustive, but you should explain to the class the genres and styles of writing the author typically produces. If the author writes poetry, fiction, or non-fiction, how would you characterize the subgenre?

Discussions – If you choose to have a discussion, write out a list of discussion questions ahead of time. Start with more general questions and work toward the specific. Consider if you want to generate a large class discussion or have students work closely in small groups. If you ask the class to work in groups, consider asking them to report back to the larger group after discussing amongst themselves. Determine if you want to look at some of the author’s work in your discussion or if you will focus on the author’s style. Will you ask students to reflect on the author or on their own work in light of the author’s?

Games/ Activities – If you choose to do a game or activity with the class, determine ahead of time what your goal is. What do you want students to gain or consider through your activity? How can you shape your activity to achieve this goal? For example, if you want to encourage students to write like a particular author to try it out, you might lead a discussion first about what features that author uses in their writing.

Time – All presentations should be practiced and timed and presenters should ask someone else in the class to keep time for them so that they do not go over. If you feel you need more than 15 minutes to present, come talk to me ahead of time. If you run over your time, I may cut you off.

Get Creative With It – We will see 20 presentations this semester, so get creative with your short, but important, time in front of the class. If you have an idea you are unsure about, email me.