CFP [Call for People], or Call for Friend(s)    


Be smart. Have some common

or uncommon

sense. Know not to stick your hand

in a toaster

or know the works of Chaucer.



Be addicted. To something.

Be addicted

to alcohol

to drugs

to work

to sex

to writing

to reading

to lists.

Be addicted to not being addicted.



Give a shit.

About something; about the world.

About global warming.

About healthcare.

About literacy.

About teaching.

About feminism.

Give enough of a shit to donate your

time, or money, or effort.



Be funny (but not mean).



Imagine a universe

where we could choose

which animal we wanted to be

from hour to hour.


I would spring kitten ears

and paws, with a fox tail following.

My rattlesnake eyes would narrow

and stare

and my slithery tongue would say

slip     slip       slap.


Who are you right now?



Applications accepted

on a rolling basis. Please submit

in triplicate. Please allow

six to eight weeks for processing.


What do you think?

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