Three of my poems have been selected to run in the Literary Underground’s project “This is Poetry.” “Cicadas,” “He said something about Hemingway,” and “Scared of the Dark.” They can be found at: http://thisispoetry.tumblr.com/tagged/heather-dorn The first two have only been published in print until now. I’m very happy to have these out on the web now. … More Poems

Onion Soup w/Crouton

Celia was drunk when we got there. Two guys walked in behind us and she draped her body over them both and asked, “Who wants shots?” It was 8:30. Nobody wanted shots. She followed people outside, talked loudly about her grandmother passing, and turned up the music so that nobody could hear. “Celia! Please don’t … More Onion Soup w/Crouton