Hummdinger’s is Open

It is April and it is upstate and the small patches of melting snow might once again grow into the roads and need to be salted down before Spring begins proper. But today is finally sweatshirt weather, and tees for the brave or macho. Everyone has a dog again; everyone remembers how to ride a bike; the park is brand new and soft serve is so sweet that people stand in line behind 30 others to get a few bites of vanilla.

One girl remembered today that she had skin. She took off her coat and put on her skates and a tank top and skated through the park – the sun baking her, the wind cooling her. She passed a dog that looked like a sausage in a half shirt. She passed a girl on a bike, riding in a circle like a hula hoop. She skated out of her own view.

Kids are conspiring summer sleepovers and lifetime dreams. You will stay with me one weekend, and when we get older I will be a famous Youtuber. Everyone can come out to play. Screaming is allowed again, and adults can’t hear cuss words, It’s hot as sin! It’s hot as sin! Sin is Hell – eternal burning Assholes!

It is April and it is upstate. It is trampoline pounces and elderly cars and opinionated birds and quick rivers and slow parks: fans waiting to see the green, already creeping in; bare branches keep the paths warm. It is April and it is upstate and it is take out gyros or grill -em spiedies and soon you can buy tickets to a balloon rally. It is wet dirt and it is a scream or a laugh. It is University students losing their clothes and motivation. It is the promise of green, the slight bite of wind; it is the small giggle of children dropping f-bombs on dead grass.


What do you think?

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