Sparkle Paper Towels

I’m curious to gauge American reactions to Sparkle paper towel’s ad campaign, which asks, “Do you really need a paper towel that will hold a bowling ball?” and mentions Bounty specifically. The idea is that Sparkle paper towels cost less than Bounty and are great for cleaning up “every day messes,” so why buy something that has more paper towel power than you need? But I’m just not convinced that the concept will be popular.

Everything we do as Americans, we do to excess. Even that sentence was hyperbole! If it takes a half ton truck for a job, better get a full ton son! If cheese is good on pizza, then ALL THE CHEESE on pizza must be great! Binge drinking, Binge eating, Binge TV. Credit card debt, medical debt, student debt – we are maxed out on life.

So part of me thinks Jeff American will see this commercial and reason, “Why wouldn’t I want to hold a bowling ball in my [wet, used, refolded] paper towel? What is this socialism?” And after all, we are very free in America. Free to buy a name brand white cotton t-shirt, like the ones Hanes sells for $40 less. Free to buy Acetaminophen for $3 or Tylenol for $6. Free to choose a number of things and thereby exercise our citizenship through our purchases, exercise our choice in branding.

So, Team Bounty all the way, right?


What do you think?

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