Three Publications

I have three publications out currently.

The first is a group of poems closing out a book (I believe 17 poems) called Too Much: An Anthology About Excess:

Too Much

The second is a project of the Literary Underground called This Is Poetry: Women of the Small Presses. It is the first of 8 volumes, and two of my poems “Cicadas” and “Scared of the Dark” appear in this first volume:

This Is Poetry

Finally, I have a poem (“Heather Wants to Invest $40,000”) in the new issue of Kleft Jaw, accessible online:

Kleft Jaw


3 thoughts on “Three Publications

  1. Reblogged this on Unknown Press and commented:
    Hey! Heather Dorn, one of my favorite poets, has a bunch of work out. Check it out!

    17 of the poems are in print, in the TOO MUCH anthology that my house, Unknown Press recently released. The anthology is all about excess.

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