What Would Make Me Watch Popular TV

I do watch TV. I’ve seen lots of series actually, but I sometimes have trouble getting into new things. There is something uncomfortable about starting something new, even a new show, so I re-watch old Parks and Rec episodes to avoid the thrill of The Walking Dead.

Below is a list of Shows That I Don’t Watch. I’ll list what I think they are about and what would help to make me interested in watching them.

Game of Thrones

What I think it’s about: I think this show is about fighting. The commercials for this show remind me of the commercials for the Capitol One Visa (What’s in your wallet!?).

What would make me want to watch it: If it were about actual games or actual thrones. Thrones from around the world, the etymology of “throne,” musical chairs but with cumbersome thrones to maneuver.

Mad Men

What I think it’s about: A guy who is in advertising in the 60’s. He reminds me of Dick from Dick and Jane fame. I picture he drinks and smokes and talks dramatically about things sitting down while those around him stand, less assured.

What would make me want to watch it: If it were a documentary series about mental disorder, people who study or have disorders, or people who have committed crimes under mental distress.

Two and a Half Men

What I think it’s about: 2 guys raising a kid.

What would make me want to watch it: If it were funny.


What I think it’s about: High schoolers that live as if in a musical or maybe they just do musicals every week.

What would make me want to watch it: If I knew the lyrics.

American Horror Story

What I think it’s about: A scary household where scary things happen.

What would make me want to watch it: If it were called American Unicorn Cupcake Story.

What do you not watch?


2 thoughts on “What Would Make Me Watch Popular TV

  1. I don’t (or didn’t) watch Scrubs, although a lot of people say I will love it. I may try it someday, but ultimately I just think it’s a show about doctors putting on their scrubs and getting to work. So it doesn’t sound interesting because I’ve seen a couple episodes of ER and I liked George Clooney better in movies. Also I don’t want to be reminded of scrubbing floors. Scrubbing floors is not the worst or anything–I do it, and I don’t really mind it that much, but it’s not what I want to think about when I watch a TV show.

    1. Those are very reasonable conclusions! But now that I think on it, you might enjoy the whimsical ways of the main character, who often finds himself imagining far-reaching ideas and scenarios in his head. I think it is more about the characters growing up than about their job, though the being-at-the-lowest-end-of-your-profession gets played out as well. It just made me laugh a lot. Not a bunch of things make me laugh. I mean some of it’s taste – I tried 30 Rock again and I still didn’t laugh the whole entire time. My favorite Scrubs episode is the musical episode, which I have memorized almost by heart. It is, obviously, not typical. As the seasons go on, they experiment more and more.

      So I guess that’s to say, I’d recommend it one day too. Though it will be dated. Oh, and don’t watch the last season unless you get embarrassingly hooked to any shred of the show, like I did. I’m a bad, bad fan.

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