Oct. 27

Class Plans:

Journal: Write a poem or prose from one of the following prompts:

  • My 16th Birthday
  • The ritual of morning
  • I remember the day I left you…
  • The ghosts that inhabit your life
  • All the things I cannot learn to say (7 mins)

(from Writing Poetry to Save Your Life, Maria Gillan)

Announcements: Only 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and only 3 class periods after Thanksgiving. If you haven’t come by for Office Hours yet, please do so. 

I. Freewriting Discussion/ Poems Discussion (15 mins)

II. Maria Mazziotti Gillan Author Presentation (15 mins)

III. Nick Flynn Author Presentation (15 mins)

IV. Yusef Komunyakaa Author Presentation (15 mins)

(Billy Collins Author Presentation Nov. 17)

V. Google Poetry (if time):

VI. For fun: Artificial intellegence poetry


Homework: Read “Snow,” by Naomi Shihab Nye, “I Go Back to May 1937,” by Sharon Olds, and “Poem in honor of the one-year anniversary of my sister Aleida’s death, which is five days away,” by Jose Rodriguez. Write a creative response including a description of a season, a food, a piece of clothing, or a person. Bring a photograph to the next class.