Oct. 20

Class Plans:

I. Fiction Draft Due Date

  • Reflection:
    1. What is the best part of your draft? What did you do well? (Use the terms from Burroway’s Imaginative Writing, if you can, like “setting,” “character,” “plot,” “imagery,” and so on.) What are the things that you feel need work?
    2. How did you compose and revise your piece? What was your process? How did you come up with the idea? How did you decide what to change as you worked? Did you take your group’s advice? 
    3. What was it like writing this fiction in comparrison to writing your CNF? What was similar about the experience and what was different?
    4. Did you learn any new techniques or become familiar with new genres or authors during this Fiction unit?
    5. Does anything we have read or covered in this unit relate to your own life, either academically, creatively, or personally? Do the readings, perhaps, connect to another course’s readings? Did a story remind you of something that happened in your life? What connections can you make?
    6. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about this fiction, this class, or yourself at this time?

II. Katharine Weber Author Presentation

III. Exit Slip Recap:

  • Stay in groups:
    • “This group is rad. If you change my group, I will cry.  I’ll cry. Don’t try me.”
    • “I do want to stay in my current group! I like it a lot.”
    • “I think we’re growing closer as a group which is nice because I’m not really close to a lot of people in my classes.”
    • “I like my current group. I think they gave great feedback.”
  • Ways for groups to improve feedback:
    • “We could possibly discuss stories more and chat less.”
    • “I think more criticism, being afraid to critique, is something my group needs to work on.”
    • “I think we could work a little bit more on the global criticism.”
  • Ways for individuals to improve feedback:
    • “I could be better at giving useful critical feedback.”
    • “Sometimes I’m afraid, but I can tell my comments are useful.”
    • “I need help coming up with more specific feedback. I’m not too good at criticizing.”

IV. Final Reading Planning

V. Student Exit Slips

  • Do you still have any questions about fiction or about your fiction draft in the portfolio?
  • Do you have any questions about poetry?
  • Have you ever written poetry?
  • Do you like writing poetry/ are you looking forward to writing poetry?
  • What concerns if any do you have about this final unit?


Homework: Read “Introduction to Poetry,” and “Forgetfulness,” and “Snow Day” (Burroway) by Billy Collins, write a creative response (poem or prose) that is an “Introduction” to something or someone. This may be any genre you choose.