Oct. 13

Class Plans:


  • Extra Office Hours Thursday (today) 10:15 – 11:30
  • Extra Office Hours Friday 3:00 – 4:30pm (Come See Me! I get lonely šŸ˜•)
  • New events added to Events page

Journal Prompt(s):

Reflective: What (if anything) was difficult about writing your Flash Fiction piece? What (if anything) was easy? Which conventions from the CNF unit did you carry over into your Flash Fiction? For example, did you learn something about Story in Burroway’s text that you used in your Flash Fiction.

Creative: Use one of the images below as inspiration for a story:

Media: Ā A police blotter is a book that records arrests and other facts and events in aĀ policeĀ station, on a daily basis. Arrests are recorded in aĀ police blotterĀ as they occur. Use your phone or computer for this prompt, or you may use a physical newspaper, which may list this blotter in a daily section. Search your local or campus paper’s police blotter for a story that can serve as inspiration or as a general plot for your story. Blotters often share only the minimal details, leading to mystery or humor. Decide which details to fill in in order to amplify that humor, mystery, or saddness. Example: Man Arrested for Selling Bald Eagle Parts


I. Flash Fiction Readings/ Convention Discussion

  • What was hard/ easy about writing your Flash Fiction piece?
  • What are the conventions of Flash Fiction (think of the Gaffney reading)?
  • How do these connect with the larger conventions of Fiction (think of all the readings we’ve done in Burroway)?
  • Can you connect these with the work we read for today?
  • Six Word Stories

II. Etgar Keret Author Presentation

III. John Edgar Wideman Author Presentation

IV. Katharine Weber Author Presentation


V. Creating the Peer Review Sheet

  • What elements should you look for when Peer Reviewing next class?
    • Think of the Peer Review sheet I created for the CNF Peer Review.
    • What elements are the same?
    • What needs to be added?

VI.Ā Craigslist Missed Connections stories (if time)


Homework: Draft your fiction piece for next week. This is your second required genre in your portfolio. Bring 4-5 copies of your work to class Tuesday, Oct. 18 (enough for everyone in your group).