Aug. 30

Class Plans:

Journal Prompt: Why did you take this course? What is your overall interest in creative writing and in some genres in particular? Are you already well versed in one or more genres? What do you hope to learn about these genres? How can you work toward this goal? Have you ever published your work or read at a Reading or Open Mic? Do you have any desire to do so? What is your past relationship to writing and how do you hope it will grow into the future? 

I. Syllabus Questions – Return Contracts

II. Author Sign Up – Questions

III. Conventions (from email to texts to blogging and on)

IV. Taking Risks

VI. Group Writing – Email Stories


Homework: Read Dinty Moore’s “Mr. Plimpton’s Revenge,” (click on each location, in order) and then read Miller and Paola’s, “Writing Online: Hypertext and Social Media.” (handout) Choose One: Write a creative response detailing one or many of your frustrations, write something in multiple medias, write a list of “50 Ways to _____,” “The Year of Living ____,” or 10 “Tiny Truths.”