2 thoughts on “How to Be Manic (poem) at Barking Sycamores

  1. Heather, I just left a comment at Barking Sycamores, where I am also a contributor. I grew up just outside Binghamton! Holy crap, that is brilliant! Hope you are staying warm, as Bingo is a rough patch this winter. I live in Madison, WI, which is usually colder and snowier than home, but man, we have it easy this year.

    Hope that, if I make it back “home,” we can link up. Would love to meet a fellow bipolar Bingo girl. Looks like you may have grown up in the City? Lived there for years. Also have loads of musician friends there, including my ex, Rob Weinberger. Peace, Amy

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks so much! I would love to meet up some time. I actually moved here from the South, but I’ve lived all over. I’ve been here six years but I’ve never felt so hopeless about the weather as this year. It hurts to check the mail, even in full winter gear. It hurts to open the window to unstick something icicles. It hurts not to wear socks in the house. 🙂

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