Anatomy of the Like

A Facebook like means, “I like this.” It means, “kudos,” “cool,” “congratulations,” “way to go!” A Facebook like means, “That’s horrible; I don’t like this.” A Facebook like means, “I was here,” “I’m still following your life as a friend or fan.” It means, “I agree,” “I understand,” “I wish I understood.” It means, “I got the reference.” It means, “You’re so funny!” It means, “I love you!” It means, “I wish I was you!” It means, “I’m so glad I’m not you!” It means, “This is so good!” It means, “This is a nice try; you’re getting better!” It means, “I read this.” It means, “I feel strongly about this.” It means, “I support this.” It means, “I support you.” A Facebook like means, “You know this is public right?” It means, “I saw this,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome.” It means, “Show me more like this.” It means, “Let’s argue now,” “yes, but no,” “not really,” and “truce?” It means, “Keep in touch.” It means, “Let’s just stop talking now.”


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