Advice for my Daughter(s)

Five thousand blogs on the internet, and they all say the same as what came before: Don’t get tattoos or piercings. Don’t make a scene. Don’t wear words across your ass. Find a good husband who treats you right. And just be nice.

But maybe tattoos are a needed relief, and if we don’t make a scene our repression is guaranteed.  And I cringe to hear daddies dare to cry that we objectify their daughters, when they turn to objectify in return. I hope my daughters find a life they love whether shared with a partner or just friends. And instead of nice, I wish for them to be strong and loud and wise.


One thought on “Advice for my Daughter(s)

  1. I think if a person ends up with a husband, they’re going to need tattoos or piercings or something to keep them sane, regardless of whether they’re treated right.

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