Sept. 27

Class Plans:

i. Journal Prompt: Choose one of the following as the first line and continue to write.

a) Tanya disappeared five years ago from our senior prom.

b) It was all fun and games until Charlie bit me.

c) The best thing about my new job is the grilled cheese sandwiches.

d) When I think of that day, it still hurts.

e) James always watched the chestnuts fall from the tree after lunch, but today he looked down.

f) Maricia only wore shades of blue.

g) It was a day like any other, until the pizza arrived.

ii. Look at Class Website

I. Jhumpa Lahiri Author Presentation (for upcoming homework)

II. Discuss Ch. 5 Setting (Burroway) and Davis

III. Post Secret Character Sketches: Using the craft readings from Burroway’s chapter on Character and our Post Secret pre-writes for inspiration, we are  going to create character sketches for Post Secret “characters.”

  • What does your character want?
  • What does your character wear?
  • Use Authorial Interpretation to cover at least 5 years of your character’s life.
  • What would your character say if a child asked them why the sky is blue?

IV. Work with a partner/ three in your group to create a conversation between your two characters.


Homework: Read “Point of View” (from Ch. 3 – Voice, Burroway), “Figures of Speech (from Ch. 2 – Image, Burroway), and “A Temporary Matter,” by Jhumpa Lahiri; write a creative response of a single scene between two people who are uncomfortable in the same space. Try to show at least one person’s discomfort through what they say or do.