Sept. 20

Class Plans:

I. CNF, multimedia, Internet Draft Due at the start of class.

II. Student Reflections:

  1. If you were to sum up the theme, or main point of your cnf/ hypermedia draft in one sentence, what would it be? Is this sentence, or something very similar to it, in your draft? Is this in keeping with your genre?
  2. In what ways have you adhered to the conventions of your genre and in what ways have you subverted these conventions and to what affect? In other words, what features of creative non-fiction/ hypermedia did you use when writing your own draft? Do you think you evoke the reaction in your reader you hoped?
  3. What do you see as your biggest success in this draft and what is your biggest weakness? Is there anything that you feel definitely needs work? What parts of this draft are you unsure of? What parts of this draft are you attached to? (This does not mean I won’t comment on them.)
  4. Describe the feedback you gave during peer review. Did you get helpful feedback or give helpful feedback? Why or why not, do you think?
  5. What is one thing you have learned during this unit that you didn’t know before? This could be a term, an author, a technique of writing, or a convention of a genre – whatever you have learned. Can you connect this to your personal life, job, other classes, hobbies, or interests in any way?

III. Final Reading Planning

IV. Student Exit Slips:

  1. Any remaining questions about cnf/ hypermedia?
  2. Any new questions about fiction?
  3. What are your concerns (if any) about the Final Reading?


Homework: Read Ch. 4 – Character (Burroway), and “The Rememberer,” by Aimee Bender and answer the odd numbered “Interpretive Questions” after the story.