Sept. 13

Class Plans:

Journal : We will do a Pre-write at the end of class today instead.


I. Peer Review – Overwhelmingly people wanted to stay with the same person, but there were good arguments for switching it up too. To compromise, we will stay with our partners and add two pairs together to create a group of 4. At the end of the fiction unit, we will reevaluate the groups. Pairs will be matched with other pairs randomly on Thursday.

Questions – How long does my piece need to be?

What are some good ways to fight writer’s block?

Ideas about what to include?

Do we need a reflective part in our cnf?

What are the outlines/ rules for cnf since there are so many things you can do? Is there a prompt for this assignment or a draft in general?

Unsure how to be totally honest with my partner?

Can we hand in a story we’ve already written (like a year ago)?

If writing a personal piece, is it necessary to still do research?

II. Discuss Ch. 10 (Miller and Paola), Sedaris

III. Lyric Essays (listen)

IV. Claudia Rankine Author Presentation

V. Reviews – Genre Study


  • Describe the book, performance, or other art
  • Set the scene or write the details – reviews can contain imaginative elements
  • Talk about aesthetic specifics – what techniques did the poet, painter, musician use, and to what effect?
  • Try not to use words like “good” or “boring,” instead explaining what produced this good or boring feeling in you.
  • Be interesting (add personal details, imaginative writing, details that only someone who attended a performance would know, play with genre)

VI. Post Secret Prewrite (carried over)


Homework: Bring 4-5 copies of your completed Creative Non-fiction, multimodal, or internet writing to class for peer review R/ Sept. 15 (enough for everyone in your group). Read Ch. 6  – Story (Burroway) and write a reflection about your own writing in light of Burroway’s text. Do you use a journey, power struggle, or connection and disconnection in your writing? If not, how could you use these structures in your draft? Read the Peer Review handout and bring it with you to class.