Sept. 1

Class Plans:

Journal Prompt: Write about the angriest or most embarrassed you have ever been? When and where did this take place? Write an image that conveys the setting. What occurred? If there was conversation, try to transcribe the gist of the conversation. When you have composed the scene, reflect on your feelings about this time/ event in your life. What emotions are still left over and which have been removed or replaced? Have any of your emotions regarding the event grown stronger? Why do you think this might be? (7 minutes)

I.  Dinty Moore Author Presentation

II. Connie Sun Presentation

  • Biography
  • Other works: Connie to the Wonnie, GoComics, “Elephant in the City
  • Writing Activity: Write or draw from the perspective of an animal. What would your morning be like if you woke up as a tiger? What would driving to class be like if you were an elephant? If you were a horse standing in line for coffee, what might people around you say? Write for 7 minutes and then we will take a few volunteers to share.
  • Discussion of Author Presentation Assignment – Questions

III. Hypertext and Social Media Reading/ Conventions

IV. Dinty Moore Reading Discussion

V. Steppingstones (if time)


Homework: Listen to Kristi Murray-Costello’s essay, “To the Woman…,” and read Ch. 8 (Burroway); come to class ready to discuss Burroway and freewrite a list of 10 titles for possible creative non-fiction pieces you could write (remember your Steppingstones). Start working on your first draft of your creative non-fiction piece if you have not already.