Nov. 3

Class Plans:

Journal: While we craft questions for Jason Allen, I will pass around our shared poem. Look only at the line above the line you will add and add any line you like. Fold over the other person’s line, leaving only yours, and pass it on. When the paper is filled, front and back, bring it to the front of the room. If someone passes you a page and you are busy writing a line already, pass it on and let it skip you for a round. 

I. Craft Questions for Jason Allen (15 mins)

II. Repetition, Upper and lower case, Metaphor and Simile (15 – 20 mins)

  • “My Daughter…” Gillan, “Resignation,” Giovanni
  • “Immigrants,” by Pat Mora (handout)
  • Bitches” by Nicole Santalucia

III. Nikki Giovanni Author Presentations (15 mins)

IV. Charles Bukowski Author Presentations (15 mins)

V. Bukowski – Readings, A Writer’s Life, Writer’s Philosophy (if time 5 – all)

VI. Read shared poems. (5 – 10 mins)

Next class, groups leaving class, get here on time!


Homework: Read “an-almost-made-up-poem,” by Charles Bukowski, (click to download doc) “Morning at the Elizabeth Arch,” by Joe Weil, “For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffery,” by Christopher Smart, and “My Lover,” by Wendy Cope (handout); start revising your own poem to exchange over email Tuesday, Nov. 22. Write a poem from one of the following prompts:

  • Write a poem in which each line starts “For,” “Because,” or “And.”
  • Write your own “Almost Made Up” poem.
  • Write your own poem that repeats a swear, but with different meanings.
  • Write a poem about a past love that is as honest as Cope’s, but keeping her tone.