Nov. 1

Class Plans:

Journal notes: (7 min mini-lecture)

Look at the following genres/ subgenres we have discussed in class:

  • Non-fiction
    • Memior
    • Personal essay
    • Hypermedia
      • Blogs
      • Google maps essays
    • Hybrid
      • Lyric essay/ Prose poem
      • Hermit crab essay
      • etc.
    • Graphic/ Comic
  • Fiction
    • Novel
    • Flash Fiction
    • Hypermedia
      • Email
      • Craigslist Missed Connections
      • Six Word Stories
    • Autobiographical fiction novel
    • Short story
      • Magical realism
    • Graphic/ Comic
  • Poetry so far
    • Free verse
    • Narrative
    • Confessional
    • Prose poetry
    • Hypermedia

I. Confessional, Narrative, Styles of Poetry – Readings

II. Photo Exercise

Prewriting: (7 min)

  1. Where was this photo taken, of what or who, and when?
  2. Write three lines about something(s) you see in the photo. Describe using the imagery techniques you have developed in fiction and non-fiction.
  3. Write three lines about the smells and sounds of the image. Imagine these any way you like.

Writing: (10 min)

  1. Use he location, person, and/or date as a starting title: Example: I Go Back to Disneyland, 1988.
  2. Write about a person or experience, using the photo as inspiration.
  3. Incorperate the imagery from your freewriting into your poem.

III. Naomi Shihab Nye Author Presentation (15 min)

IV. Pat Mora Author Presentation (15 min)

V. Sharon Olds Author Presentation (15 min)

Homework: Resignation,” by Nikki Giovanni and “My Daughter at 14: Christmas Dance.” CHOOSE ONE: Write a response in which you use repetition. What affect do you hope to create? How can you best do this (little repetition, a great deal, random, metered?)? Is the word you are repeating used in the same way or different ways? Is the word important to the meaning of your poem or is it used to string the important words or ideas together? Think of these things as you compose your poem. OR Write 10 questions that you might ask any of the authors we have read so far. Imagine you were at a reading and you were called on to ask a question. What would your question(s) be? You can pick 10 questions for the same author or 1 question for 10 different authors. The combination is up to you.