Dec. 1

Class Plans:


Exit Slips: Portfolio/ Reflection Questions:

I. Make up Presentations 

II. Publication – Exit Slip Questions to Start

III. Student Evals – need a responsible student to take these to the English office. (Alexis?)

Final Reflection Assignment Sheet

Final Portfolio Guidelines


Homework: Continue to revise and edit your portfolio. Portfolios are due next class December 6 or Thursday, Dec. 8. at 8:30 am by the stairs that lead up to the library near our class (someone may be holding class in our classroom). I will stay for ten minutes, so if you choose to turn in your portfolio Thursday the 8th, be on time. Portfolios should be handed in hard copy and either stapled or secured in a folder or small binder. Digital parts of the portfolio should be included via printed out link in the hard copy document and additionally in an email to me with the subject line: “[LAST NAME], Digital Portfolio Documents.” This will help to ensure that I receive them.